About Our Company

Data Recovery Company, the first Data Recovery Company in Nigeria.
Data Recovery Company was registered in Nigeria with a passion to deliver the best solution...

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Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery Service you can trust.
We recover data from various kinds of Operating Systems, RAID Drives, SCSIs, SAS, SATA Drives; Formatted Hard Drives, Virus Infected and missing Logical Drives...

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Auto Backup Solutions

Automatic Backup Solution.
We provide for you a one-time automatic backup solution that is just right for your network or servers to forestall loss of your very important information...

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Welcome to Our Website
The Data Recovery Company with the Solution...

Data Recovery Company can recover your deleted, corrupt, missing, or inaccessible data securely. With our highly qualified Data Recovery Experts, we easily recover data from broken RAID, Storage Area Network(SAN) Drives, Network Attached Storage(NAS) Drives, also we help you with recoveries from different Operating Systems which includes but not limited to Windows FAT, NTFS; Linux ext2, ext3; Mac OS HFS+; Novel NSS, NWFS and NTFS, FAT , Having performed more than 2,000 data recoveries since 2004, we will provide you with unparalleled expertise and recovery capabilities.. Continue Reading »


What We Do
The Data Recovery Company with the Solution...

We specialize in Data Recovery and Automatic Backup Solution:
We offer solutions that help to secure your data, if lost and you need to recover your lost information or you will like to put up a solution that will help safe guard your data from future loss. Some of the solutions provided to our esteemed customers are:

  • Formatted HDD
  • Virus Infected Drives
  • Harware Failure
  • Accidental Deletion
  • Auto Backup Solutions
  • and many more solutions






Our Recovery Process
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Step 1: Consultation

During your first phone or email consultation, Data Recovery Company helps to determine the possibility of recovering your loss data with the first few questions and answers supplied. Once you agree to send in the faulty media for recovery, you will need to fill our form and you are required to pay N1,000 for registration .

Step 2: Evaluation

Data Recovery Company provides you with comprehensive evaluation results before you decide to proceed with your data recovery. This transparent process enables you to make an informed decision and includes:

  • Analyzing faulty media to determine the condition of data
  • Providing a guaranteed fixed price for percentage of data recovery service

Step 3: Data Recovery

Following the initial consultation and evaluation, Data Recovery Company gives you the cost to recover the data, if agreed upon, client is expected to pay 60% of the total amount, our engineers perform repairs and recover data. Once your data is ready, we will communicate the list of files and if needed some of its content for you online for your confirmation then you pay the balance for the data to be released

Step 4: Project Completion

Once the recovery is complete, Data Recovery Company provides the following:

  • Delivery of recovered data on your media of choice (external hard drive, USB hard drive, DVD, etc.)

  • The timely return of recovered data based on the selected method and service level

  • Simple instructions on how to access and re-install recovered data

  • We provide after sales support.

Passwords Recovery
Cannot access a passworded file? Like:

  • QuickBooks
  • Microsoft Office
  • Outlook Express
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Peachtree
  • SQL and many more

Bring it on, we can help you reset the password so you can have access to the data base. We have strict conditions for resetting passwords, so we are sure we are dealing with the legit owner of the file.



"The loss of my files, which included letters, reports, e-mails I have sent and/or received in the past two years, both personally and for my company operations, was devastating, to say the least. Many individuals and companies had tried and failed to help recover those files, and I had given up and started to live with the frustration when I chanced upon your advert on the street and gave it a try. Then wonder of wonders, you recovered all my files within three days." Engr. F.A. Somolu, C Eng FIEE FNSE FNIM